About Vigicomm

The Vigilance Communication Company

VigiComm offers real-time, scalable, location-specific and disaster tolerant emergency communications to effectively integrate Government authorities with Citizens under crisis across a city block or the country. VigiComm technologies offer innovative convergence in the areas of satellite communication, cellular/mobile communication, location based services and geographical information systems with multiple patents pending.

VigiComm is a developer of hardware, software and services for emergency and crisis communication. We provide state-of-the-art enterprise software technology for the government personnel and innovative devices that will be integrated into high volume consumer products such as cell phone, PDA, vehicular entertainment systems, and other consumer electronic devices.

Our robust emergency alert system uses all available means of communication, providing a standardized alert protocol, and developing infrastructure for notification to geographically-specific locations and the technical ability to give immediate, simultaneous alerts to the appropriate community of responders and affected Citizens.

Our technology can be applied in several markets, where the ability to communicate in real-time with large number of individuals that is both reliable as well as secure is critical.