Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

VigiComm's provides customized solutions to Large and Mid size enterprises for:

  • Real-time Assesment and Response Management

  • Real-time Crisis Management and Remediation

VigiComm's commercial solution is based on open standards for interfacing, ensuring that standard industrial sensors and security devices can be rapidly integrated. Autonomous capability allows for remote configuration such as trigger levels.


  • Central authority to dispatch appropriate personnel and agencies to alarm site.

  • Seamless communication over a variety of technologies including cell phones, satellite phones, and land lines.

  • Real-time workflow management based on graphically configurable response processes.

We make optimal use of communication technologies to ensure best price/performance. Picocell, satellite, cellular, IP networks, WiFi, etc., will be deployed based on the needs, location and application of our clients.

VIGIENTERPRISE - Notification system for small and large organizations

VIGISCHOOL - Notificaiton system for Schools, Colleges and Universities